Certified FSBO-Facilitators™

Unbundled Services to Revolutionize Real Estate

What is a Certified FSBO-Facilitator™?

Certified FSBO-Facilitators™ are real estate agents who work as advisors to regular folks who are selling their property on their own.  In the real estate industry, these regular folks are called FSBO's (for sale by owner).  FSBO-Facilitators™ work with the seller as a trusted advisor, but do not list the property for sale and are not the Seller's broker or agent.  Certified FSBO-Facilitators™ have been through special facilitation training.

Unbundled Services

Certified FSBO-Facilitators™ provide such services as: preparing the house for sale, supervising an inspection, discussion of repairs/improvements, pricing the house, writing ad copy, 800 number service, holding open houses, showing house by appointment, qualifying the buyer, meeting to receive buyer's offer, preparing counteroffer, presenting counteroffer, resolving contract terms, dealing with inspectors, dealing with escrow or title company, and dealing with attorneys.

Certified FSBO Facilitators Charge By the Hour or Flat Fee

Certified FSBO-Facilitators™ charge for these services on an hourly or flat fee basis.   Their goal is to be your trusted advisor -- not to list your house.